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Steelers Troll Jaguars Over Terrible Towel Disrespect After Jacksonville Misses Playoffs

The Pittsburgh Steelers didn't forget the Jacksonville Jaguars' disrespect of their iconic Terrible Towels. 

Back in October, Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence upset Pittsburgh fans when he referred to them as "little yellow towels" before the two teams' Week 8 matchup. Then, during Jacksonville's win over Pittsburgh that week, Jaguars safety Andrew Wingard sealed his team’s victory with an interception, then celebrated with a Terrible Towel. 

Fast forward to Week 18 and the Steelers advanced to the postseason, thanks to the Jaguars’ loss to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. That also eliminated Jacksonville from the playoffs. 

The Steelers' account on X, formerly Twitter, then trolled the Jaguars for their disrespect from earlier this season. 

“When will yinz learn,” Pittsburgh’s account posted in a reference to the Terrible Towel curse, which is a belief of many Steelers fans that any disrespect of the Terrible Towels essentially comes back to bite whoever made the slight. 

Whether it was a curse or an unraveling of their own doing, the Jaguars' fortunes certainly seemed to take a turn for the worse after they poked the bear, as they lost six of their last nine games to fall out of the playoffs. 

More importantly than the curse, proceeds from sales of the towels have raised money for Allegheny Valley School, which cares for people with mental and physical disabilities. 

Needless to say, the towels are important to the Steelers fanbase. And they never forget when they've been disrespected.