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Wild-Card Weekend Preview: Breaking Down All-22 Film of Playoff Matchups

The weekend slate features three rematches from the regular season. Here's a trio of key plays that give insight into how the first round of the playoffs could shake out.

Welcome to wild-card weekend.

Between Saturday and Monday, there will be six playoff games with three featuring rematches from the regular season.

In what feels like a decade ago, the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 3, 25–11. In Week 9, the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins linked up in Germany, with Kansas City taking a 21–0 halftime lead before holding on, 21–14. And finally, the Houston Texans and Cleveland Browns played in Week 16, with Cleveland winning 36–22.

In this week’s film study, we look back at those games, and dive into what we could see this time around.