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Videos Show Fans Trudging Through Snow to Get to Seats at Steelers-Bills NFL Playoff Game

Even though Highmark Stadium hired shovelers to help out before Monday’s Buffalo Bills vs. Pittsburgh Steelers NFL wild-card playoff game, the stands were still filled with feet of snow after the winter snowstorm that hit the New York area over the weekend.

Countless videos have been posted showing fans getting creative with how to get to their seats since the shovelers were instructed to shovel the walkways, but not clear the rows or seats.

Here’s a look at some of the funniest videos shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, before the game.

One Steelers fan decided to just plow through the row to get to their seats. The snow went past the fan’s knees.

Another video showed one fan who was smart to bring their own shovel to the game. However, they shoveled the snow onto other seats, making that someone else’s problem.

Here are a few different angles of fans attempting to sit in their snow-covered seats.

Some of the seats were shoveled off, though, and those appeared to be the club seats.

These Bills and Steelers fans definitely showed how dedicated they are to their teams by making it to Monday’s matchup. It just took some more work to be able to sit down for the game.