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Falcons’ Kyle Pitts Teases Number Change After Kirk Cousins’s Reported Signing

There will be a new quarterback under center for the Atlanta Falcons in 2024—meaning tight end Kyle Pitts may be looking at a new jersey number. 

The Falcons are poised to sign Kirk Cousins to a four-year contract worth up to $180 million, and Pitts hinted that he’s ready to change his jersey number for his new signal-caller. Cousins has worn the No. 8 since 2014 with Washington, and Pitts has worn the same jersey number ever since Atlanta picked him with the No. 4 pick in the 2021 NFL draft out of Florida.

Pitts appeared to hint that he’d bring back the No. 84 he wore with the Gators when he posted a photo of himself during his college days captioned “Hmmm?”

Coincidentally, Pitts emphatically shut down a rumor on March 5 that he and Cousins had been in contact before the deal to see who would get the No. 8. It’s unclear whether the two actually spoke beforehand, but the 23-year-old tight end appears ready to accommodate his new quarterback.