LA Rams' Draft House is a $16.5 Million Mansion in Hermosa Beach

Sean McVay will have quite the setup for the 2024 NFL draft.
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The Los Angeles Rams have the 19th pick in the 2024 NFL Draft on Thursday night. If they hold onto the pick it will be the first time the franchise has made a first round selection since they took Jared Goff No. 1 in 2016. It will also be the first time that the team has picked in the first round since Sean McVay became head coach in 2017 so you can understand why the team is kind of excited.

You can see a sneak peak of the Zillow Draft House, which is located in Hermosa Beach, in the videos below. The current asking price is $16.5 million, but the listing agent is apparently the Rams mascot Rampage, so it's unclear how much wiggle room there is with that price.

Before you get judgy and start thinking that this is just some soulless corporate promotion, you know that the decor is more than just Rams chic. According to the Rams' website, "The design inspiration for the Zillow Draft House comes from the Rams' season-long theme celebrating music. Custom gold records celebrating the team's Hall of Famers and record-breakers line the walls. Photos and memorabilia from some of the most iconic musical performances from gamedays at SoFi Stadium appear along with concert posters honoring key moments in Rams' history."

Prom. Homecoming. Professional football team schedules. These things all have themes. Though it seems the prom planning committee has higher standards when it comes to picking a theme. You suggest "music" as a theme for prom and a senior with a notebook and a fuzzy pen is going to ask you to leave.

This is not the first time the Rams have done this. In 2021 they did something similar with a home in Malibu with the help of another company.

It's unclear what the season's theme was in 2021, but if you see Rampage at the open house, make sure to ask him and report back.

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