Bill Belichick Exploring Multiple Roles on ESPN Worth 'Millions', per Report

The longtime New England Patriots head coach has several sports media avenues to pursue.
Bill Belichick
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After missing out on all open head coaching positions this offseason, Bill Belichick is entering the sports media ecosystem.

On Wednesday, Andrew Marchand of The Athletic reported the longtime New England Patriots head coach is expected to become a recurring guest on ESPN and Omaha Production's alternate Monday Night Football broadcast, the "ManningCast," alongside Peyton and Eli Manning. A deal for that would be worth millions, according to Marchand.

Additionally, Belichick could become part of an "inside football" show for Omaha. Marchand also reports Belichick is considering starting a podcast and has held discussions with several different platforms. All this would be on top of the book deal Belichick is expected to sign in the near future. Marchand reports that will be worth "well into the seven figures."

In other words, Belichick is quite likely to be all over the sports media world this coming football season and will be incredibly well-compensated for it. The expectation is he'll sign a seven-figure deal to be the first regularly occurring guest on the ManningCast, and there is plenty of room for more work if Belichick desires it.

It will be a fascinating sight to see. Belichick held an infamous dislike of the media during his coaching days. Now is his chance to do the job as he sees fit. The former coach garnered praise for his appearance on College GameDay last fall ahead of the Army-Navy game held at Gillette Stadium. It showed he is quite capable of putting on a happy face for the camera when he enjoys the subject matter, and there's nothing more he enjoys than the minutae of football. If put into the right position, Belichick could be a huge success.

Which is clearly what ESPN and Omaha are banking on, given the price tag. The head coach's services were never going to come cheap but it's still a mighty big number for a guy whose non-mandated media appearances over the last 20 years can probably be counted on two hands. Everyone involved is betting the power of Belichick's football brain will overcome all other obstacles.

From all accounts, it's now a near-certainty Belichick will be gracing our screens for the 2024 NFL season.

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