2024 NFL Draft Makes History After First 14 Picks Were Offensive Players

Not a single defender was selected in the first 14 picks of this year's draft.
NFL draft in Detroit.
NFL draft in Detroit. / Eric Seals / USA TODAY NETWORK

NFL franchises and fans waited months upon months for the NFL draft and then had to sit through a comedy bit between commissioner Roger Goodell and Eminem before actually getting that wish. But once the Chicago Bears did the thing everyone knew they were going to do and selected Caleb Williams with the No. 1 pick, things in Detroit were off and running.

What appeared to be a very chalky opening night was thrown into total disarray by the Atlanta Falcons shocking everyone by selected Michael Penix at No. 8 despite having a perfectly good Kirk Cousins at home. That stunner came among a historic run on quarterbacks and offensive players in general as the 2024 draft has already established itself as different from all the other drafts.

Five quarterbacks in the top 10 will do that.

Since that tweet, it became six quarterbacks in the first 12 picks as the Denver Broncos took Bo Nix to learn under Sean Payton. All of the mock drafts should have prepared people for such a possibility but it's still pretty wild to see 50 percent of the board from the same position a good 90 minutes into the process.

It also hardly seems possible that we made it 14 picks before a single defensive player has had their name called. Defense wins championships! Don't these NFL franchises know that?

On the ESPN broadcast, Mike Greenberg said that there had never been 13 straight players from either an offensive or defensive unit taken at any point in first-round history. The streak came to an end once the Indianapolis Colts selected Laiatu Latu at No. 15.

Honestly, it's a pretty fun storyline. And something for offensive coordinators to have in their back pocket when they see someone from the defense who might be able to help out on the other side of the ball. It's a pretty compelling argument, no matter how long this trend continues.

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Kyle K