Travis Kelce Had Priceless Reaction to Taylor Swift Getting Pranked on MTV

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This week’s “New Heights” show included a sweet throwback to the good ol’ days of MTV—specifically, a 2012 “Punk’d” episode which featured mega-pop star Taylor Swift.  

Her diehard fans may remember this one. So does Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce.

The Kelce brothers were recently joined by comedian Andrew Santino on their show, and Santino told them an epic story about how he helped Justin Bieber prank Swift.

“Justin Bieber was hosting that episode,” Santino said. “It was a celebrity punking a celebrity. Taylor got a call from Justin who was like, ‘Come to this new recording studio.’ And she came down there at the beach in Malibu just to see his new studio and hang out. He was like, ‘I have these fireworks from Japan. Let’s set them off.’”

Long story short, Santino and Bieber cleverly tricked Swift into thinking she had accidentally set off a firework that ruined a wedding party on a boat.

“You’re the worst!” Swift told Bieber in the MTV episode

“I know she bought it,” Santino said of the prank. 

Travis said he had seen that “Punk’d” episode before, but he hadn’t discussed it with his girlfriend.

“I gotta ask Tay about that one,” Travis said, laughing.

What an all-time great prank.

Kristen Wong


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