Grading The Cowboys NFL Draft: No 'Disingenuous Projections' Allowed

We're going to take a stab at Grading The Cowboys Draft - while acknowledging that the Dallas scouting department knows infinitely more than we do ... Or, at least, they'd better
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FRISCO - Our guy Mike Fisher doesn't put much faith in "draft grades''; he chooses to "grade the execution of the plan,'' as you can see below ...

But we're going to take a stab at it, anyway - while hoping there are "seven future starters'' in here and while acknowledging that the Dallas Cowboys scouting department knows infinitely more than we (or even all the Twitter Scouts) do ... Or, at least, they'd better.

1st Round: LB - MICAH PARSONS - GRADE: B - We choose to believe what the Cowboys have repeatedly told Fish, that he was their highest-rated defensive player in the draft. And they moved back to get him? And picked up an extra third-rounder?

Parsons is a physical presence, and can rush the passer in addition to ideally being a three-down linebacker. 

Said Micah: "I (haven't) even touched my ceiling yet.''

Maybe he'll be Dallas' best defensive player in a couple of years?

2nd Round: CB - KELVIN JOSEPH - GRADE: B - If it wasn't for off-the-field questions, he probably goes higher. Surely there are some teams that were enamored with the rap music career. But the Cowboys said they wanted to add some "dawg'' to their defense.

If Joseph rolls in here and becomes a starting corner? The rapper will have a big hit on his hands.

3rd Round: DT - OSA ODIGHIZUWA - GRADE: C - He understands leverage, maybe because he was a national champ as a high school wrestler. At 280 pounds, he'll be considered "undersized,'' but this could be about "position flex.'' 

Is this a replacement piece due to the retirement of Tyrone Crawford?

3rd Round: DE - CHAUNCEY GOLSTON - GRADE: B - At 6-5 and 268 pounds, Golston has size, and "traits.'' He’s might not be the kind of explosive athlete who sprints and bends around the ends, but maybe his best value could come in run defense.

Still, coach Mike McCarthy called him a "young stud'' with "juice.'' So maybe the Cowboys know something others don't.

3rd Round: CB - NAHSHON WRIGHT - GRADE: D - "The Next Richard Sherman'' got the headlines. At 6-4, and being from the Pacific Northwest, one can understand the brag, though.

His length does help him make plays, though. We do, however, wonder this: Are 6-4 cornerbacks almost too long?

4th Round: LB - JABRIL COX - GRADE: A - Maybe many of us amateur scouts view this as a "steal'' because we're familiar with him. But plenty of pro scouts think this is an underrated "get'' for Dallas.

He can run, and cover, and read. And he should be dynamic right away on special teams.

4th Round: OT - JOSH BALL - GRADE: C - Dane Brugler says he's a "top-100 talent.'' But that didn't happen, despite being a 6-8 tackle with pedigree. Why not? Off-the-field issues, once again.

Ball, to his credit, plays with attitude. We have to assume that as with Parsons and Joseph, Dallas did its boots-on-the-ground research here.

5th Round: WR - SIMI FEHOKO GRADE: A - At 6-4 and 220, you think he can't run by you. But he can. "He wins his matchups,'' a Cowboys source told us right after the pick.

We think it's disingenuous (Fish's influence again) to pitch the idea that fifth-round rookies are destined to do impactful things. But we understand Dallas' attraction here.

6th Round: DT - QUINTON BOHANNA GRADE: C - Another "disingenuous projection'' candidate. We're encouraged that he knows his job - "I'm a plug,'' he said - and we like that Dallas is finally realizing that one way to stop the run is to employ big-bodied run-stoppers.

The Cowboys and Bohanna will need to find the right weight here; he played at 357 but now weighs 327. Then let's put him on the nose and see what happens.

6th Round: DB - ISRAEL MUKUAMU GRADE: C - The other 6-4 corner in this draft, so of course Dan Quinn's defense gets him - but we're told the Cowboys will likely try him at safety first. 

He can track the ball, and he's a willing tackler in run support.

7th Round: OG - MATT FARNIOK GRADE: C - A two-year team captain at Nebraska who can play all the O-line spots. A utility player with an uphill battle to stick ... again, because we're not into "disingenuous projections.''

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