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July 1st-July 3rd

TOP TEN Atlanta Falcons News Articles June 2020

June NFL Coronavrius Update! Brought To You By The Falcon Report

VIDEO: Keanu Neal is "Feeling Great" After Another Season of Rehab

Atlanta's Falcon Report Mid Week Update! 7-1

Report: NFL To Cut Preseason To Two Weeks

BLITZ ZONE: Matt Ryan Is THE BEST Quarterback In The NFC South

Who Is The Biggest Threat To The Atlanta Falcons In The NFC South?

Marlon Davidson Is Set To Make An Impact Right Away

REPORT: The NFL Will Trim Training Camp Rosters

NFL To Slash At Least Two Preseason Games

Michael Vick Almost Chose Baseball Over Football

Todd Gurley Wishes To Join The Simpsons Cast DOH!

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If you sign Watford at left guard it make next year center Matt Hennessy ready to take over. If not sign jadeveon Clownly, if not Ezekiel Asiata, if not sign a veteran cornerback like Talib veteran leadership for the younger players.