Greg Olsen Handled Tom Brady Situation With Pure Class After Winning Sports Emmy

Brady will be taking over Olsen's position on the No. 1 broadcasting team at FOX alongside Kevin Burkhardt.
Greg Olsen accepts a Sports Emmy for Outstanding Personality/Event Analyst.
Greg Olsen accepts a Sports Emmy for Outstanding Personality/Event Analyst. / Sports Emmy/Screengrab

The talk of the NFL broadcast world this offseason is centered around Tom Brady taking over Greg Olsen's role at Fox Sports as the No. 1 analyst.

Some fans would rather Olsen stay in the No. 1 spot with Kevin Burkhardt, but Brady's star power is too strong for FOX to turn down.

Adding to the conversation, Olsen won the Sports Emmy for Outstanding Personality/Event Analyst on Tuesday night. The former NFL star addressed the elephant in the room right away, sparking laughter in the audience.

“I think there’s a lot of people wondering what I’m going to say right now,” Olsen said. “Coming into tonight, people asked me, they say, ‘What’s your biggest threat to your future in the business?’ And everyone’s like, ‘Oh, Brady and this,’ and I think it’s Andy from ‘Toy Story.’ If he gets in, (Cris) Collinsworth, (Troy) Aikman, we’re dead. But I really appreciate it.”

Olsen ended his speech expressing his gratitude for working in NFL broadcasting, even if that means working on the No. 2 broadcast team.

"I don't know what the future holds, all I know is I love talking football, I love talking ball, I love studying it, I love seeing where the game is going," Olsen said. "Wherever that takes me, whatever level it is, I'm more committed to the game of football now."

Madison Williams


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