Jason Kelce Was Gifted Awesome Eagles-Inspired Luchador Mask by Young Fan

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The next time Kylie Kelce needs to defend her and her husband out on the streets, she can do so wearing an epic Philadelphia Eagles wrestling mask.

Former center Jason Kelce recently received a heartwarming gift from a young fan in the mail and showed it to his brother, Travis, on a new edition of their podcast: “New Heights, Show and Tell.”

Kelce read aloud the letter the fan wrote to him accompanying the gift, which turned out to be an Eagles-inspired luchador mask. 

“Mr. Kelce,

My name is Vinny Lynch. I am 10 years old. I am a big fan of yours and your brother. My dad showed me some videos where you were wearing a luchador mask. We thought you should have one in the Eagles colors, so we brought you a gift. Thank you for being so nice, I know it must be tough since so many people ask you for stuff.

Your friend, Vincent Lynch.”

Lynch added, “P.S. My mom thinks we are crazy for giving you a mask, but we think it is cool.”

Jason then started to put on the green mask.

“Ooh, that thing is gnarly,” Travis said. “Does it fit? Oh yeah, it does.”

Jason let out a nefarious laugh.

Kylie Kelce, Jason’s wife, made headlines earlier this summer after cameras caught her heated argument with a fan who demanded a picture in public. By comparison, Jason’s interaction with young fan Vinny Lynch comes across as a much more wholesome moment.

Jason Kelce has been no stranger to attracting attention this year, either, and went viral for donning a luchador mask while partying at a Super Bowl afterparty in Vegas.

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