Jason Kelce Says LeBron James Would Be 'Greatest Red Zone Threat' in the NFL

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James catches a pass vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers
Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James catches a pass vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers / David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Recent comments from former NBA role player Austin Rivers have sparked some online debate over whether NFL players could hypothetically hold their own in the NBA, and vice versa.

The conversation has seen multiple star athletes, past and present, weigh in to share their thoughts. After ESPN analyst Ryan Clark explained his belief that the mental fortitude required to play football would prove too difficult for some NBA players, former Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce chimed in with his stance on the matter.

Kelce explained that while he mostly agrees with Clark's belief that NBA players wouldn't be able to compete in the NFL, LeBron James would be the exception, going as far as to say he thinks the 39-year-old would be a star in the league.

"I love this argument and passion from Ryan, and as a football player my mind is screaming hell yea!!! But, if I was an NFL GM, and it was an option, I'd sign LeBron today and within one offseason he'd be the greatest redzone threat in the NFL."

At 6' 8" and hyper-athletic, it's not difficult to see why the prospect of James as a tight end or wide receiver has been the topic of many discussions in the past. Kelce is among the many who believe that James would've been a generational pass catcher had he opted to pursue football, boldly claiming he'd be the biggest red zone threat in the game.

Karl Rasmussen


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