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Jalen Ramsey


Philip Rivers Fired Up as Ever in Indianapolis

The ex-Chargers QB talks about his new situation on the Colts and having his next job lined up. Plus, the league's next big contract, scouting reports on college players opting out and concerns about Matthew Stafford's COVID-19 tests.


The 10 Most Significant NFL Contracts Coming Soon

Some players are ready to reset the market at their position, while others are ready to sign deals that will have a major impact on how their teams navigate the salary cap.


GamePlan: The Inside Story of the SkyJudge Rule Proposal

Owners will vote Thursday to implement the SkyJudge for the preseason, with the option to extend it to the regular season. Here's how it all came together.


How Matt Rhule Is Handling an Unprecedented Offseason

This isn't how Matt Rhule thought his NFL head coaching career would start. But some of the ways he is adapting amid the COVID-19 pandemic and some of his experience in college could turn out to be an advantage in Carolina.


NFL's 10 Biggest Business of Football Stories in 2019

From Andrew Luck's retirement to QB contracts, gambling news and everything Antonio Brown: Here were the off-field stories we couldn't escape.


NFL Trade Deadline Takeaways: Jets Stand Pat, Rams Clear Cap Space

Several big-name players were rumored to be dealt before Tuesday's trade deadline, but there was very little movement once it was all said and done.