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Saints First-Round Pick Chris Olave Works Out With Michael Thomas

The newest member of the New Orleans Saints was spotted working out with teammate and fellow former Ohio State Buckeye wide-out Michael Thomas.

Just days after being selected 11th overall in the 2022 NFL Draft to the New Orleans Saints, wide reciever Chris Olave is already becoming a fan favorite. Whether it be from jersey sales, entries into a draft day bobblehead giveaway, or following the newest Saints on Instagram or Twitter, Olave is clearly feeling the love from New Orleans fans. And that love may have jumped a few more notches after a post to Olave's Instagram story this week.

The post was sharing former NFL All-Pro Michael Thomas' story. A picture of Olave sitting on the turf changing into his cleats and surrounded by footballs was seen on the story post. Olave was quick to share the post, adding test tube/beaker emojis to indicate that he and Thomas are "in the lab" to fine tune their game as individuals and now teammates.

It should come as no surprise that the pair of former Buckeyes are already working out together. At the NFL Draft Combine, Olave spoke on his relationship with Thomas as something he cherished. 

"I've talked to Mike Thomas a couple of times. He gave me a-lot of advice. He is a great role model to me, one of the best receivers in the game." Olave continued by saying, "just to be able to communicate with him and send texts back and forth and see from his prospective what to expect and just to be able to use him as a guy to lean on, that's huge."

- Chris Olave on his relationship with Michael Thomas

Olave continued and even went as far as saying, "[New Orleans] is a great organization, like I said, Mike Thomas is there, they got a lot of Buckeyes there. I would love to keep that Buckeye pipeline going."

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Little did anyone know that the Saints would continue that Ohio State pipeline and draft Olave 11th overall just months after those comments were made. It appears that Olave has already begun to cling onto those Buckeye relationships and has found "his veteran" and it doesn't get much better than in his words, "an Ohio State legend" and "one of the best receivers in the game", Michael Thomas.

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