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Saints Announce Addition of 17 Undrafted Rookies

This draft class was pretty deep, as evidenced by the amount of the undrafted rookie free agents the Saints officially added on Sunday.
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The Saints officially announced the addition of 17 undrafted rookie free agents on Sunday. Here's a look at who they've signed to help fill out their 90-man roster.


RUNNING BACK (1): Abram Smith, Baylor

WIDE RECEIVER (2): Rashid Shaheed, Weber State; Dai'Jean Dixon, Nicholls State

TIGHT END (1): Lucas Krull, Pittsburgh

OFFENSIVE LINEMAN (4): Sage Doxtater, New Mexico State; Derek Schweiger, Iowa State; Lewis Kidd, Montana State; Eric Wilson, Penn State

Per reports, Smith got $222,000 in guaranteed money, while Shaheed got $220,000. Lewis Kidd was given $10,000.


DEFENSIVE BACK (4): DaMarcus Fields, Texas Tech; Smoke Monday, Auburn; Vincent Gray, Michigan; Jack Koerner, Iowa

LINEBACKER (3): Joel Dublanko, Cincinatti; Nephi Sewell, Utah; Isaiah Pryor, Notre Dame

SPECIAL TEAMS (2): Daniel Whelan, Punter, UC Davis; John Parker Romo, Kicker, Virginia Tech

Smoke Monday got $120,000 guaranteed, which is the only one we've learned of from the defensive side.

We'll provide a further breakdown of the signings, and we'll undoubtedly have to pay attention where these moves put the Saints from a roster perspective as they seemingly filled out their roster.

CAMP TRYOUTS: We know of three reported tryouts coming for rookie minicamp, which includes Alabama A&M wide receiver Dee Anderson, Jackson State safety C.J. Holmes, and Villanova defensive lineman Malik Fisher.

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