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Saints Podcast: Falcons Win Overshadowed by Missing Playoffs

The Saints season came to a disappointing end after what transpired Sunday, and it overshadowed a big win over the Falcons in the process.

Disappointment is probably the only way you can describe the way the Saints season ended. Delivering in a big way over the Falcons was quickly overshadowed by the Rams losing to the 49ers. The latest episode of BLEAV in Saints recaps the big win over Atlanta, talking about the offseason of things to come.

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In This Episode...

  • Describing the mood in Atlanta: One high to ultimate low. 
  • Taysom Hill, Alvin Kamara, and the offensive performance.
  • Was this year a success or not, and why?
  • Hypothetical QB talk.
  • Favorite moments from the season.

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