Titans Once Again Asked People on Broadway to Help With 2024 NFL Schedule Release

Tennessee unveiled a sequel to its hit schedule release video from last year.
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The 2024 NFL schedule was finally released on Wednesday night with each franchise having a special video announcement prepared. The schedule release has become the league's marketing teams' Super Bowl and it's now an annual tradition to try and win by making the weirdest or most creative video.

Last year, one of the favorites involved the Tennessee Titans asking fans on the street in Nashville to name their opponents—and it resulted in an instant classic. This year, they released a sequel.

While it may not be quite as good as the original, it's still pretty good. Many people are saying it could be the Toy Story 2 of videos where people on the street continually confuse the Indianapolis Colts and Dallas Cowboys logos.

One of the stars of the original, the woman who called the Atlanta Falcons the "Red Stallions"—and made a "roar" noise, which a horse most definitely does not make—was back to do the interviews.

This year, the Titans found a good mix of fans who had no idea what they were talking about as well as people who follow the NFL close enough to know that Dan Campbell goes for it on fourth down every time, Bills fans jump through tables, and the Jets peaked in the 1970s. There was also a surprising amount of talk about Kirk Cousins.

That's why every late night show still sends a someone out on the street with a camera when things are slow. You just never know what people will say. The only thing we can be sure of is that no one knows the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Stephen Douglas


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