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Rooney Rule Needs to Evolve to Look at Leadership the Same Way It Looks at Quarterbacks

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There is a lack of minority leadership in the NFL. There are only three African American head coaches in the league and with the Cleveland Browns having the last remaining opening, it seems for now that’s where the number will remain. The Rooney Rule was invented to require that all teams interview a minority candidate before making hires for the front office. However, it seems as if the rule has been circumvented and essentially become something to check off on a sheet of paper as opposed to actually giving qualified candidates real interviews. SI’s Robin Lundberg makes the case that the Rooney Rule needs to evolve to how evaluators look at African American quarterbacks. There was a time when black QB’s were ostracized compared to their white counterparts. Fast forward to now, four of the remaining eight playoff teams are led by black QB’s and it begs the question when will NFL leadership in the front offices make a similar pivot?