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SI Insider: How Will Tom Brady and Bruce Arians Get Along in Tampa Bay?

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SI senior writer Albert Breer joined Madelyn Burke to discuss one of the biggest moves made in this NFL offseason, Tom Brady signing with Tampa Bay. TB12 will be playing under head coach Bruce Arians, whose coaching style is different than that of Bill Belichick. Breer shares how he believes Tom Brady and Bruce Arians will mesh this season.

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Madelyn Burke: The Buccaneers have had perhaps the biggest transformation this offseason landing Tom Brady saying Rob Gronkowski, but the two former Patriots will be in a very different environment in Tampa. Joining me now is MMQB senior writer Albert Breer. Albert, it's safe to say Bruce Arians has a different coaching style than Bill Belichick. So how do you see Arians and Tom Brady getting along?

Albert Breer: Let's start here, Madelyn, I think one important thing to mention is that Brady was looking for a change. I think being in the culture the New England has had for the last 20 years wore him down to some degree. And so I think he wanted to go someplace where it was going to feel a little different. Tampa's certainly going to going to give him that. We all know how different Bruce Arians is and how he runs his program to how Bill Belichick runs his programs. That's number one. 

And then I think the second piece of this that's really interesting, and they talked about this before Brady even signed, was how the whole thing is going to be structured. And you may remember in 2012, Peyton Manning signs at the Denver Broncos and the Broncos basically did all but import the Indianapolis Colts playbook. A lot of the terminology was brought over, a lot of the things that Peyton Manning liked were imported from Indianapolis. And so there was some tweaking to the offense. For the for the most part, Peyton Manning was running the offense that he'd been running for the previous 14 years. That's not going to be the case in Tampa. And Bruce Arians really sold Tom Brady on the idea. It's gonna be much easier for you as a 20-year veteran to come in here and learn what we do than it would be for everybody else to have to learn what you've done for the last 20 years. 

So I think they came to an agreement on that. The other thing is the Patriots' offense is so detailed and in certain ways it's become bastardized because it's been run in one place the same way for such a long time that it would be very hard to import. And so I know a lot of people thought wherever Tom Brady goes, it's going to be the same deal as Peyton Manning and there's going to bring in the Patriots' offense. That's certainly not the case. I don't know whether or not it's going to work or not. That Patriot offense was, of course, tailored to Tom Brady and a lot of different ways. But Brady is willing to go forward with it the way that Bruce Arians set it out. This will be Arian's offense that's tailored to Brady.