Ravens Backfield Loaded Heading Into 2020 Season

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The Ravens were not in the market for a running back in this year's NFL Draft, but when Ohio State's J'Kaylin "J. K." Dobbins wasn't drafted as early as some expected. 

Dobbins was just too good of a player to ignore when he fell to Ravens in the second round with the 55th overall pick.

Baltimore has a loaded back field heading into the 2020 season with Mark Ingram, Gus Edwards and Justice Hill on the roster, but Dobbins could make an impact. He still has the potential to move up the depth chart and become a key contributor in his rookie season. Raven Quarterback Lamar Jackson has a propensity to run the ball so we are wondering if there will there be enough touches for Dobbins?

Kaitlin O'Toole is joined by Raven Country team reporter Todd Karpovich and Si's Fantasy and Gambling Analyst Bill Enright.

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Kaitlin O'Toole: The Ravens were not in the market for a running back in this year's NFL draft but Dobbins was just too good of a player to ignore. Joining me now from Raven Country is Todd Karpovich and SI's fantasy and gambling analyst Bill Enright. Todd, Dobbins has the potential to really move up in the depth chart and become a key contributor in his rookie season but Lamar Jackson has a propensity to run. So will there be enough touches for him?

Todd Karpovich: Yeah, I think Dobbins is going to have an opportunity to be the main guy behind Mark Ingram and get his place. And also the Ravens are looking at this as Dobbins being the running back of the future. Ingram turns 31 in December and Gus Edwards is working on a one year deal and Justin Fields is more a situational back. So I still think Mark Ingram will be the brunt of the carries. Look, Dobbins could be right behind him along with Edwards. Again, we have to see if Mark Ingram can stay healthy the entire year. If not, Dobbins could move into that slot. He's a dynamic runner. The Ravens were astounded that he fell to them in the second round because they thought for sure he was a first-round pick.

Kaitlin O'Toole: Bill, is Dobbins someone of that fantasy owners want to draft?

Bill Enright: I think he's certainly someone that is probably going to go in the top three of all dynasty formats. In Redraft leagues, he'll probably go in the later double-digit rounds, maybe after the 13th or 14th round. More of a flyer this year only because, as Todd mentioned, this backfield does have a lot of options starting with Mark Ingram, who is a top-eight running back in fantasy football in 2019. He was the second among all running backs with five receiving touchdowns, one of seven running backs with double-digit rushing scores. So, his production alone makes him worthy of being a top 10 running back for 2020. Yet, if you handcuff Mark Ingram then yeah, absolutely. You're going to want J.K. Dobbins as that insurance policy if you do have Mark Ingram and then if you do think that he has some independent upside without Mark Ingram, then you probably want to spend maybe a 10th round draft pick on him. For Dynasty formats, he's a top-three pick, for Redraft leagues, I'm going outside the top twelve rounds.

Kaitlin O'Toole: All right, good pick for dynasty, then, guys. I appreciate the insight. Thank you so much for all the latest fantasy and gambling analysis. Stay with us. SI.com/fantasy.