Jets, Jamal Adams Reach Impasse on Contract Negotiations

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New York Jets safety Jamal Adams is looking to be a Jet for life, and GM Joe Douglas says he aims to make that happen. SI's Kaitlin O'toole is joined by Jets Country reporter Kristian Dyer to delve into Adams' dilemma with the Jets, and just how integral the safety is to the team's defense. 

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Kaitlin O'Toole: New York Jets safety Jamal Adams has made it clear he wants a long term deal, and general manager Joe Douglas said the plan is to make Adams a Jet for life. Joining me now from Jets Country is Kristian Dyer. Kristian, when can we expect to see the Jets get this deal done?


Kristian Dyer: Well, at the NFL Combine, Joe Douglas said he wants a long term deal and there's every reason for it. Jamal Adams is the only Pro Bowl selections the team had last year. He's undoubtedly the biggest star. He's a fan favorite. He's a playmaker at the safety position in many ways. He is the prototype of what you would want from a safety at that NFL level. He's tremendous run defense and he's a force in the backend. He's a playmaker in every meaning of the word. So the Jets are going to want him. However, for a team that's rebuilding at 7 and 9 and hasn't made the playoffs since 2010, Kaitlin, you can understand that perhaps putting the kind of resources that would be needed for Jamal Adams, you're talking "Eddie Jackson" type of money, $14.6 Million a year. Landon Collins, $84 million over six years he signed a couple of seasons back with Washington. $31 million in guaranteed money for Landon Collins. That's a big investment for a team that needs to get better or potentially could use that money for two or three players to get over the top, especially a lot of money for a safety.

Kaitlin O'Toole: Yeah, definitely a lot of money, like you said, for a safety. Kristian, I appreciate your insight on this. Thank you so much.