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Demario Davis: 'We Have to Address the Racism That is in Front of Us'

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The comments made by New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees were national news. Brees, of course, has since apologized. An apology that was accepted by his teammate, linebacker Demario Davis of the Saints. Sports Illustrated host Robin Lundberg talked with Davis about what he believes is the most important message that can be sent to everyone out there right now. A message that Davis believes has been received by the public in this moment.

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Robin Lundberg: What do you think is the most important message you can personally send to people out there right now?

Demario Davis: Well, the message that I would send to everybody. We have a problem that has existed since the creation of our country and that's racism against black people. And the root of that racism is seen as seeing this in our heart. But we don't have time to address the heart. We have to address this racism that's in front of us right now because it's costing people's lives. Too many black people are dying at an alarming rate and in unjust ways. And it is particularly because of the way of the foundation in which our country has been set up and the structure that is there. That line has just been drawn. And it's saying, you know what, we as a people are no longer going to stand for this. We are going to change this in our lifetime. We're going to fix this issue right now. The next issue that America has shouldn't be around race, especially racism around black people. And that's why you see millions and millions of people out in the street. That's why we have this global outcry right now, because everyone has noticed this problem and is saying, you know what, we have noticed that and probably remain silent, but we're not going to we're going to remain silent no more. And we're going to do every action that we can to eliminate this from our society. 

Robin Lundberg: And I know you're doing your part not just by speaking out now, but but also I mentioned before you have the Man of God mask sales that are going to the families to to some of the victims. Can you elaborate a bit on that? 

Demario Davis: Yeah, I always try to do my part by actions versus words. Yeah. You know, it's not a time to be silent. Words matter. But the most important thing is actions and I always want my actions to align with my words. Always want my method to align with my message. I'm a big personal practice, which you preach. So that's that's me doing that. Money won't change anything. You won't. That's not. It's the heart issue that we have to deal with. And it's a structural issue. There is no justice that we can bring to these families. You know that justice would be bringing their family members back. We can't do that. The best thing we can try to do is honor them. And that's what I'm trying to do, is try to ease the burden a little bit. That's all we can do. But truly honoring these families, where their life will stand for something if it allowed us to move towards change in our country in a conversation that is long overdue. Not just the conversation is long overdue. Action is long overdue. We need to change policies that allow racism. We need to eradicate symbols that that stand for racism. We need to call out people who secretly hold on to racism and racist thoughts and point them out. And we need to crystalize that together until we have a change.

Robin Lundberg:, you can check it out for the Man of God masks I referenced [Demario] also has a book 'The Unsuccessful Champion: Finding True Victory in the Midst of Adversity' and you can tell from his attitude today how he did that. Demario Davis, man, I really appreciate your message and your time.