Sean Avery's antics through the years

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1999 -- Red Wings sign Avery as an undrafted free agent.

2001 -- Avery arrives in Detroit's dressing room for the first time and announces, "Okay, people, A-Dog is here!" He is soon given the nickname, "The Puppy."

2001-02 -- Avery lives with teammate Brett Hull, who has never been known for withholding opinions. Apparently under the influence of the Golden Brett, Avery will go on to publicly label opposing players Shane Doan "the NHL's most overrated player," Paul Kariya "a diver", and Andy McDonald "an arrogant little midget."

March 2003 -- The Red Wings trade Avery with Maxim Kuznetsov to the Los Angeles Kings for Mathieu Schneider. Avery soon begins dating Elisha Cuthbert and traveling in celebrity circles.

July 2005 -- Avery ruffles feathers during the NHL lockout by blasting players union boss Bob Goodenow. "I am furious at Bob," Avery was quoted as saying. "Bob thought he was bigger than he was. Bob brainwashed players like me. We burned a year for nothing. We didn't win anything. We didn't prove anything. We didn't get anything. We wasted an entire season."

Sept. 2005 -- After Denis Gauthier of the Coyotes bodychecks Kings forward Jeremy Roenick during a preseason game, giving Roenick a concussion, Avery says on Canada's TSN: "I think it was typical of most French guys in our league with a visor on, running around and playing tough and not back anything up." The comment didn't sit well with the French-Canadian public. Avery later apologizes.

Oct. 2005 -- Avery denies calling Oilers forward Georges Laraque, a black Canadian, a monkey. The incident, which allegedly took place during a game, was never proven.

Nov. - Dec. 2005: Avery is fined $1,000 for diving. His complaint about the punishment, which he claims is really for his prior remarks. results in another $1,000 levy. Avery also lambastes players on the league's competition committee -- including future Rangers teammate Brendan Shanahan -- for not seeing to it that such penalties are subject to appeal in the collective bargaining agreement. Colin Campbell, the NHL's VP in charge of discipline, is not amused. "Mr. Avery's comments showed a complete lack of respect for all those associated with our game, most importantly, his fellow players," Campbell states. "Mr. Avery has besmirched the reputation of all NHL players, coaches, general managers and owners who, collectively, have been successful in providing a more entertaining game for our fans."

April 2006 -- Avery and Anaheim broadcaster (and former Montreal Canadiens goaltender) Brian Hayward have a heated discussion in the Kings' dressing room about Hayward's on-air comments during a game in which he accused Avery of avoiding a fight with Ducks forward Todd Fedoruk. Avery calls Hayward an "embarrassment", a "(terrible) announcer" and a "(terrible) player." Hayward responds by saying, "How would you know? When I played, you were in your third year of eighth grade."

April 2006 -- After a run-in with assistant coach Mark Hardy at practice, the fed-up Kings suspend Avery and send him home for last three games of the season.

Feb. 2007 -- Avery traded to the New York Rangers for Jason Ward and the rights to unsigned prospectsMarc-Andre Cliche and Jan Marek.

Nov. 2007 -- Avery gets a discipline hearing his old pal Campbell for involvement in two pregame incidents within a week. Ther first involved taunting Devils goalie Martin Brodeur and attracting the attentions of enforcer David Clarkson. Toronto radio is abuzz with an allegation that Avery made a reference to Jason Blake's cancer when the Toronto winger intervened in Avery's trash-talking with the Leafs' Darcy Tucker during pre-game warm-ups. After being served with a notice of libel, the radio station that aired the story retracts the allegations.

April 2008 -- Vogue magazine announces that Avery will spend the summer working as an intern at the fashion magazine. According to one report, "Avery is a self-confessed clothes horse who has been known to give girlfriends advice on how to dress, and in interviews has expressed a dream to become a fashion editor after his days on the ice."

April 13, 2008 -- During a first-round playoff game against the Devils, Avery waves his hands and stick in front of Davils goaltender Martin Brodeur in an attempt to distract him and block his view. Although not illegal, many NHL commentators and players describe Avery's actions as unsportsmanlike. The following day, the NHL issues an interpretation of the league's rule -- "The Sean Avery Rule" -- to cover such actions. Commentator Don Cherry tells Toronto radio station The FAN 590, "I've known this kid since he was about 16 years old; Once a jerk, always a jerk. You can't blame the referee, because he couldn't believe what he was seeing."

April 15, 2008 - During practice, WNBC-TV cameras catch Avery simulating his Brodeur "face guard.". When Avery notices the cameramen, he shoots his middle finger in their direction.

April 18, 2008 -- After the Rangers eliminate the Devils, Brodeur snubs Avery in the handshake line, causing Avery to remark, "Fatso forgot to shake my hand." Brodeur has henceforth been referring to Avery as "the Vogue intern."

April 30, 2008 -- After a playoff game against Pittsburgh, Avery is taken to the hospital with a lacerated spleen. Some news reports indicate that he nearly died from internal bleeding. He misses the remainder of the season.

July 2, 2008 -- Avery signs a four-year, $15.5 million contract with the Dallas Stars.

Oct. 2008 -- In an interview with ESPN, Avery calls Calgary Flames captain Jarome Iginla "boring" and an example of the league's failure to market the game properly.

Nov. 1, 2008 -- In Boston, Avery unleashes a torrent of obscenities at a heckler, and directs obscene remarks at a woman sitting near the fan. A complaint is filed with the NHL, but no action is taken. Later in the game, Avery receives an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for his role in a wild, third-period brawl. Teammate Mike Modano later says, "Tonight it was idiotic and stupid. It was one of the most embarrassing things I've seen. If that's what we're going for, then they need to find me an office job."

Dec. 2, 2008 -- During a morning skate in Calgary, Avery approaches a camera and reporters to make a pronouncement about Flames defenseman Dion Phaneuf dating actress Elisha Cuthbert, Avery's former girlfriend.. "I'm just going to say one thing. I'm really happy to be back in Calgary, I love Canada. I just wanted to comment on how, it's become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds. I don't know what that's about, but enjoy the game tonight."