By Stu Hackel
July 16, 2013
Hall of Fame coach Fred Shero won two Stanley Cups with the Flyers and had a major impact on the modern NHL.

He often said games were won and lost in six places, the four corners and the two slots (the same approach Darryl Sutter now uses with the L.A. Kings), but he was also especially concerned with breakout plays, believing they were the key to winning. He'd practice breakouts perhaps more than any aspect of the game. Today's top hockey minds often say that the strength of any team is its defense corps, not just in its ability to shut down other teams but in making the transition from defense to offense and the skill in moving the puck out of its zone. It's no accident that this year's Stanley Cup finalists -- the Blackhawks and Bruins -- had two of the deepest, most talented defense corps in the league.

Despite perception, Shero was much more than just a goon coach.
Melchior DiGiacomo/SI

For that, he's now belatedly gotten the Hall of Fame recognition he deserves.

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