By Stu Hackel
August 19, 2013
Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville probably wouldn't mind being able to challenge a call or two.
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

And then one must take into account all of the penalty's possible scenarios. How to do that is something the Hockey Operations Department has been trying to work through this summer. Let's say, for example, a player is going to be whistled for high sticking. The ref signals a delayed call, the team that was fouled pulls its goalie and scores a goal with the extra man. The ref then checks the player who was struck and signals a double minor, but the review in Toronto indicates that, in fact, he was injured by his own or a teammate's stick. What the hell happens then?

Referee Stephen Walkom, who made a disputed call during the playoffs, is now the NHL's new director of officiating.
Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Meanwhile, baseball will probably undertake its venture into the world of challenges and, if the NHL—which was once the leader in pro sports video review—ever decides to look at it again, it will have the benefit of MLB's experiences to help guide it.

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