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Maybe Andrew Ladd's Twitter account was hacked. Maybe he was trying to take heat off teammate Evander Kane. Or maybe he thought favoriting a tweet that rips the Winnipeg Jets was so insane that it was funny.

By Allan Muir
August 19, 2014

Maybe Andrew Ladd's Twitter account was hacked. Maybe he was trying to take some of the heat off teammate Evander Kane.

Or maybe he just thought this was so insane that it was funny.

Whatever the case, the Winnipeg Jets captain invited some second guessing—if not actual controversy—when he favorited a tweet that claims to capture the team's offseason perfectly. The video clip accompanying the tweet features former pro wrestler Bryan Alvarez shouting "Minus five stars!" in a loop for an excruciating 10 minutes.

I'll leave it to the local media to ask whether Ladd truly believes this accurately reflects the, um, subdued efforts of Winnipeg GM Kevin Cheveldayoff this summer. I just want to know if Ladd actually made it through the entire 10 minute video before breaking down with a case of crazy head.

UPDATE: Winnipeg's communications staff says that Ladd "accidentally" favorited the tweet Monday night but then quickly unfavorited it. Clearly that's not entirely true--the favorite was still in place Tuesday afternoon--but the explanation has to offer great comfort to the team's fans.

Unfortunately, there was no comment on whether or not he held tight through the entire video.

(s/t to Josh Rose)

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