Andrew Dieb/Icon SMI
By Allan Muir
October 13, 2014

If you're a guy of a certain age, you probably obsess over the trick-shot videos from YouTube phenoms Dude Perfect. The five-man group has created one of the website's top brands based on a goofy, relentless determination to one-up each other's athletic achievements. Basically, they're Cirque de Soleil for the frat crowd.

The Dudes are based in Frisco, Tex, just a few blocks from the suburban rink where the Dallas Stars practice, so it was inevitable that they'd get around to roping Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn in for some of their inspired goofiness. Scoring on a breakaway with a rubber duck? Got that. Puck skeet shooting? Nailed it.

And yeah, there's some long distance stuff that'll make Tommy Salo blush.

Check it out:

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