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Actor Matt Doherty says a new addition to the Mighty Ducks movie franchise is being discussed.

By Allan Muir
September 03, 2015

The Mighty Ducks will reportedly make their return to the ice during the 2015-16 NHL season. Could there be a big-screen revival in the offing as well?

Speaking on the Quack Attack podcast, actor Matt Doherty (far right in the photo above), who portrayed wisecracking forward Lester Averman in each of the first three films, suggested as much by saying “definitely people are working on that.

There's definitely a lot of talk about, well, more than talk, actually, there’s actually been work,” he said. “Getting a whole bunch of groups and studios and people all together to look at who owns the [rights] and make a new deal, it’s a lot [of work]. Those kind of things, they take time [but] there’s definitely a lot of push to get it done.”

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Doherty says that fan appreciation for the films remains as strong as ever. “The thing about The Mighty Ducks that makes it really special, I can’t tell you how often I meet people [who] watched the movie when they were kids and now their kids are watching. There aren’t that many projects that have that kind of staying power.”

It all sounds promising, but before you line up for tickets, it’s fair to ask if a former child actor is the best source for pending production information, right?

Well, maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. But this much is safe to say: With Mad Max on the big screen, Twin Peaks and Full House returning to TV and the Spice Girls set to grace arenas around the world, it’s clear that ’90s reboots are all the rage. And since Hollywood finds it easier to make and market properties that already are familiar to moviegoers, a proven concept like a lovable bunch of hockey playing scamps is certainly within the realm of possibility.

A call to Walt Disney Studios for comment was not immediately returned.

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