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Marc-Andre Fleury channels Denis Lemieux in Slap Shot homage

Video: Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury stars in remake of classic scene from Slap Shot.

It’s not like the preseason game between Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay on Sept. 29 needed any promotion to sell out—the Cambria County War Memorial Arena in Johnstown, PA seats just 4,001 fans, after all—but that didn’t stop the Penguins from having a little fun with it anyway.

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The rink, after all, is is part of hockey lore as the home of the Charlestown Chiefs in the 1977 classic Slap Shot, a film that every player worth his salt has memorized front to back. And Pittsburgh goaltender Marc-André Fleury can prove it. 

The Pens keeper and Dan Potash of ROOT Sports were enlisted for a remake of the classic opening scene from the film in which French-Canadian goaltender Denis Lemieux explains the rules of the game to broadcaster Jim Carr. And Fleury ownz it. He ownnnzzz it.

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