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Taco aficionado Eddie Lack is now a zany pitchman for Gonzo Tacos and Tequila.

By Allan Muir
December 11, 2015

Eddie Lacks well-known love for tacos has inspired some crazy hijinks over the years.

There was the request from his former team, the Vancouver Canucks, to throw them on the ice after he won games. There was the customized pad competition. There were some questionable clothing choices. There was even an  ill-advised tattoo.

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So maybe this latest turn was inevitable: Lack is starring in a commercial for a taqueria.

Like a good taco, the spot for the Raleigh-based Gonza Tacos and Tequila is pretty cheesy. But Lack, who seems to have fun no matter what’s going on, sells the bit like a champ.

Hey, two-for-one Lacko Tacos next Friday when the Canes host the Panthers. Who’s in?

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