Varlamov said “I could have killed you,” ex-girlfriend testifies

The former girlfriend of Semyon Varlamov testified in court that the Colorado Avalanche goalie assaulted her after a party then told her, “if we were not in America, I could have killed you.
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The former girlfriend of Semyon Varlamov testified in court that the Colorado Avalanche goalie assaulted her after a party then told her, “if we were not in America, I could have killed you.”

Evgeniya Vavrinyuk made the allegation in Denver District Court as the jury trial got underway Tuesday in her civil lawuit against Varlamov.

Varlamov was arrested on suspicion of felony kidnapping and third-degree assault, a misdemeanor, in October, 2013. Prosecutors declined to proceed with the kidnapping charge after an investigation, and later dropped the assault charge against Varlamov. Varinyuk testified that she “didn't want to live” after being told that the case against Varlamov was being dropped.

Vavrinyuk filed the civil lawsuit seeking an unspecified amount for medical costs and other damages in October, 2014, claiming the netminder had subjected her to “years of abuse.”

Speculation that an out-of-court settlement might be reached before the trial started proved to be premature.

The Avalanche are scheduled to play in San Jose Tuesday night. Varlamov, in court for the trial, did not travel with the team. Roman Will was recalled from the AHL and will serve as the backup to Calvin Pickard.