Who doesn't love a good hockey brawl? 

By Extra Mustard
February 26, 2017

Who doesn't love a good hockey brawl? 

The American Hockey League provided a great one on Saturday night during a game between the Chicago Wolves and the Iowa Wild.

Wolves defenseman Vince Dunn and Wild forward Kurtis Gabriel got into it on the ice during the third period of the game, and continued their business off the ice after they were sent to their respective locker rooms. 

Gabriel approached Dunn outside the locker rooms after the two had already been separated for the second time. I won't say he was asking for it but... 

Dunn delivered the final blow, socking Gabriel right in the face. And the Wolves bench went wild! (Unintentional pun).

Skip to about the four-minute mark of this video to see all the brawling. 

Yay violence!

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