NBC Sports analyst Pierre McGuire revealed he is recovering from surgery to remove his prostate after a diagnosis of Stage 1 cancer late in 2017.

As part of a segment on TSN 690’s Melnick in the Afternoonshow, McGuire told host Mitch Melnick about his diagnosis in late September and the ensuing procedure, which occurred on Jan. 4.

“Their recommendation was that I have the prostate removed,” McGuire said. “I worked a game last Wednesday between the New York Rangers and the Chicago Blackhawks and at 5 in the morning on Thursday, I was at Mount Sinai Hospital being prepped for surgery.”

McGuire said he was walking around the hospital eight hours after the procedure and home the following day.

“I feel fantastic,” he told Melnick.

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Recovery will keep him from returning to the air until Feb. 10 as part of NBC’s Olympic coverage.

The diagnosis came as part of a routine check-up, which played a role in the NBC analyst going public with his diagnosis.

“I had no signs that I was ill,” McGuire said. “Zero, nothing nada. My work habits hadn’t changed, my workout habits hadn’t changed, my eating habits hadn’t changed. I hadn’t lost weight, I hadn’t gained weight, I was living a normal life. If it wasn’t for the [doctor-recommended Prospect-Specific Antigen] test, I wouldn’t have known.

“If I can help one person realize how important it is to go get checked, that would be awesome,” he said. “But maybe you can influence more than one person, and maybe eventually you can get people to realize its really important to go see your doctor.”

The NHL on NBC family has been hit hard by cancer in recent months, with analyst Eddie Olczyk being diagnosed with colon cancer during the summer and announcer Dave Strader passing after a year-long battle with cancer in October.

Listen to McGuire’s full interview with Melnick here.