Fan Travels to Antarctica to Remind Penguins that the Capitals are Stanley Cup Champions

This Capitals fan took trolling the Penguins to a whole new level. 
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It's been five months since the Washington Capitals clinched their first-ever Stanley Cup championship, but some Caps fans are still going the distance to remind the Penguins of their title win. Literally.

Sampson Coe, a Maryland-native and an avid Capitals fan, traveled all the way to the Antarctic Peninsula to remind actual penguins who the Stanley Cup champions are. On Wednesday, the 29-year-old posted a photo on Facebook of himself with a Capitals Stanley Cup champions T-shirt standing in front of a waddle of penguins.

"Travelled all the way to Antarctica just to remind the penguins in person that we got the cup [sic]!" Coe said in his Facebook caption.

According to The Washington Post, Coe and his wife are in the midst of a one-year sabbatical and are taking time to travel the world. Coe has been planning his dig on the Penguins, whom the Capitals defeated in six games en route to clinching the title, since he booked the trip last year.

Both fan bases have a history of mocking one another. When Pittsburgh took a 2–0 playoff lead in 2017, fans celebrated on the steps outside the National Portrait Gallery with a savage "second round runner-up" banner. During Washington's run last season, Caps fans took a page out of Pittsburgh's book, lighting a Terrible Towel on fire during their own Portrait Gallery steps celebration.

But for someone to travel over 8,000 miles and show off his T-shirt in -5 degrees Celsius just to burn the Penguins?

That's trolling on a whole new level.