October 09, 2016

The Institute of National Anti-Doping Organizations called conclusions from this weekend's Olympic doping summit ''not sufficient'' to protect clean athletes.

The 59-member agency released a statement Sunday underlining weaknesses from the International Olympic Committee's anti-doping summit held the day before in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Key downsides, according to iNADO: the IOC's refusal to explicitly mention state-sponsored doping in Russia, despite two investigations that found it existed; and the IOC's framing of conclusions from one of those investigations as ''mere allegations'' and not ''demonstrable facts.''

At the IOC summit , sports leaders backed the World Anti-Doping Agency and said it must be bolstered, both financially and through beefed-up authority.

INADO CEO Joseph de Pencier applauded that but said ''the IOC only comes part way to restoring its credibility for the clean athletes of the world.''

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