Statue of Liberty Goalie Masks Approved By IOC

Statue of Liberty image on goalie masks approved, says USA Hockey
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The U.S. women's hockey team's goalkeepers will be allowed to wear the Statue of Liberty logo on their goalie masks.

The International Olympic Committee had reportedly wanted the goalies to remove the image because it violates committee rules about using political symbols on uniforms.

The IOC said on social media that "there seems to have been a misunderstanding, we have not asked for the symbol to be removed."

The long-standing Olympic Charter rule wanted to prevent the "Games from being used as a platform for protests, demonstrations or the promotion of political, religious or racial propaganda."

Goalkeepers Nicole Hensley has a Liberty logo on the left side of her mask, while Alex Rigsby has one on the chin of hers.

Hensley and Rigsby did not play in the USA's opening 3–1 win against Finland.

Team USA continued its winning ways on Tuesday beating the Olympic Athletes from Russia in a 5–0 rout.