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The Night When a Tie Was a Win | The MMQB NFL Podcast

An absurd Week 18 recap with playoff shake-ups

On one hand, Week 18—and the unprecedented Game 17s—brought a weekend full of duds. On the other hand, it did bring the weirdest Sunday Night Football game ever contested, a prisoner’s dilemma game between the Raiders and Chargers, who could have moved to the postseason with a truce but instead Las Vegas (after a moment of hesitation) grabbed the win.

Conor and Gary discuss the wisdom and logic behind Rich Bisaccia’s and Brandon Staley’s decisions in overtime, as well as the outright absurd performance of Justin Herbert.

There were other games too! A look at Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers somehow surviving another week, how Jimmy Garoppolo dragged the 49ers back against the Rams in L.A., why Saints fans surely hate the Rams even more than they did before, and how the real Trevor Lawrence stood up and the Colts collapsed with an all-time brutal loss in Jacksonville.

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Plus, Joe Judge’s latest meltdown and how Vic Fangio’s fate was sealed in Denver.

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