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We were shocked by Brian Flores’s dismissal. We were shocked by the lack of a Joe Judge dismissal until he was dismissed. Conor and Gary discuss the very strange situations with the Dolphins and Giants, and what’s fair and what isn’t when it comes to longevity in the NFL coaching world.

Then, an assessment of the six head-coach openings in the NFL (taped before the Texans fired David Culley on Thursday). Which jobs are good? Which jobs were bad? Which one would allow you to most closely mimic the work-life balance of Craig T. Nelson in Coach?

Then, a preview of the six wild-card playoff games, from the suddenly underrated Raiders, the realness (or lack thereof) of the Bengals, why Mac Jones should consider sleeping in a meat freezer, the issues the Eagles present for the Bucs, the Cowboys dealing with the 49ers’ wide-zone running game, the chances T.J. Watt can literally throw Patrick Mahomes out of the stadium, Eric Weddle Fever grips L.A. and more. (“More” includes a discussion of the 2007 National League MVP voting and Mehmet Okur’s presence on the world champion Detroit Pistons.)

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