Highlights from the eighth running of the Indianapolis 500

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RACE: Eighth Indianapolis 500

DATE: May 31, 1920

WINNER: Gaston Chevrolet, William Small Company

AVERAGE SPEED: 88.618 mph

WHAT HAPPENED: Fuel strategy becomes a part of Indy 500 history - sort of. Ralph DePalma, the winner in 1915, led until his car stalled on Lap 187, allowing Gaston Chevrolet to take the lead. He ran out of fuel about three laps from the finish, but was able to coast into the pits for what these days would be called a ''splash-and-go'' stop. Chevrolet held on to win the race.

NOTABLE: Gaston Chevrolet was the younger brother of Louis Chevrolet, the co-founder of the Chevrolet Motor Car Co. Gaston was killed six months after his Indy 500 victory when he crashed his Frontenac during a race at Beverly Hills Speedway in California.