The 18-year-old German teenager fractured her spine in a scary crash in late November.

By Emily Caron
December 21, 2018

Sophia Flörsch, an 18-year-old Formula 3 driver, spoke to the BBC after surviving a 170 mile per hour crash at the Macau Grand Prix in November. Flörsch said it was a "miracle" she survived.

The German teenager fractured her spine after losing control of her car, which flew through the air before crashing backward through the border fence and into the photographers' media area.

"It probably is a miracle, but that's probably also the reason why I am happy and why I am normal," said Flörsch, who celebrated her 18th birthday not even two weeks after the crash.

She added that she feels "good" after starting rehab two weeks ago. Her pain is gradually decreasing with each day.  

"I'm feeling good. It all happened like four weeks ago and I can nearly do everything—the pain is getting less day by day," Flörsch told BBC Sport. "For me now, it's just about finding the basics, to build up my strength and arms and legs, but I can do everything apart from using my back and my neck, so it's been an OK couple of weeks."

She broke two bones in her spinal column—her T3, which she says is "still broken" and her C7, which was broken in three parts. Flörsch had surgery the day after the crash to prevent nerve damage.

Her goal is to be back in the car at the end of February or the beginning of March and eventually become the first female Formula 1 world champion.

"It depends, of course, how the bone knits together again," Flörsch told BBC, "but that's the plan and I will try to be fit then again."

The high-speed crash did not leave Flörsch with any deficits, which Flörsch says is a miracle.

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