By Will Yoder
February 23, 2012

Yao Ming believes that Jeremy Lin’s emergence in the NBA could change the way that China scouts and trains basketball players, according to Reuters.

Yao has been an icon in Chinese basketball since being drafted No. 1 overall in 2002 by the Houston Rockets. As a result of his fame and success, there has been a large emphasis on identifying and developing  front court players in China. Lin, who has taken the NBA by storm in the last month, stands at just six feet, three inches, and is known for his quickness and shot creating ability as opposed to his size.

"This is something else that Jeremy Lin has brought to us. It has given us something to reflect on, whether there are imperfections over the development and selection process for our basketball players over the past 10 or 20 years," Yao told Reuters.

“I am very surprised but also very happy,” he continued. “When he played well in his first game I thought this was a great start and perhaps he would soon have more stable game time.

“But I never thought he would perform to such levels as he had today.

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