By Evans Clinchy
March 16, 2012

Andrew Bogut has a new team, but when he'll first take the court and actually play for them is anyone's guess. The veteran center says the Golden State Warriors will probably rest him for the rest of this season, according to the Australian Associated Press.

"The last thing they'll want to do is rush me back to play in a couple of games," said Bogut, who's on the mend from a broken left ankle. "I've got to have scans at the eight-week point after I broke my ankle. If the scan says we want you in the boot for another three or four weeks, or they don't want me resuming too quick, it will come down to missing the season."

Bogut broke the ankle in a Jan. 25 Milwaukee Bucks win over the Houston Rockets. He's spent the last seven weeks resting the ankle and preparing for a comeback; the Bucks then traded him to Golden State on Tuesday, along with Stephen Jackson, for a package including Monta Ellis.

The ankle is just one of several injuries that have plagued Bogut in recent years. Elbow, wrist and hand ailments have bothered him ever since a freak accident in an April 2010 game against the Phoenix Suns, in which he fell down while attempting a dunk.

Bogut says that while he's unlikely to play for the Warriors this season, there's still a chance he'll be healthy and ready to represent Australia at the London Olympic Games this July.

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