By Evans Clinchy
March 16, 2012

Reports of the death of Linsanity were greatly exaggerated -- incoming New York Knicks coach Mike Woodson addressed the media today and said that Jeremy Lin, not Baron Davis, would be his starting point guard going forward, according to ESPN New York.

"Jeremy is a big part of what we do. He's our starting point guard," said Woodson, who replaced Mike D'Antoni on Wednesday. "He and I are on the same page. I thought the other night he played extremely well. We played well as a group."

Lin had six points, six assists and four rebounds Wednesday night in only 23 minutes, taking a seat early as the Knicks recorded a 121-79 blowout of the Portland Trail Blazers at home. It was New York's first win in seven games.

There's been speculation that under Woodson, who prefers an offense with more isolation plays and fewer pick-and-rolls, Lin would see a diminished role in New York. But Lin says he's spoken with the new coach and expects still to have a significant impact.

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