Chris Brown, Drake offered $1 million each to fight in Las Vegas boxing ring in August

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Chris Brown and Drake have reportedly been offered $1 million each to fight in a Las Vegas boxing ring in August. (Brendan Thorne/Getty Images)

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Chris Brown and Drake have reportedly been offered $1 million each to fight three rounds in a boxing ring, and the promoter is hoping to pay Rhianna, who dated both pop stars, to star as the ring girl, all in the name of charity, according to a report on Wednesday from The New York Times:

“It’s more of a show than anything, and we can raise a million for charity,” the promoter, Damon Feldman, said by phone on Wednesday.  “Instead of fighting in a bar they could get paid to fight. [W]e would like to have Rihanna as a ring girl, but if she doesn’t take our offer, we know she will be watching."

The fight, if it happens, would take place at a ring in Las Vegas in August. In the Times report from James C. McKinley Jr., an additional $1 million would go towards a charity for battered women.

This wouldn't be the first time Feldman proposed that two public figures duke it out in a ring. He promoted fights featuring Jose Canseco, Lindsey Lohan's father, Rodney King and Danny Bonaduce.

Drake and Brown had fought in a New York City night club on June 14 that resulted in the club being shuttered and its liquor license revoked by the state. The San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker was at the club at the time of the fight between Drake and Brown and left with a corneal laceration to his left eye that could prevent him from competing in the Olympics for France.