By Scooby Axson
July 11, 2012

Ravens tackle Bryant McKinnie says reports that he was 400 pounds while playing with the Vikings are exaggerated. (Larry French/Getty Images)

Every offensive lineman in the National Football League tips the scales at well over 300 pounds. Ravens offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie was at 386 pounds when he played for the Vikings last season, according to The Baltimore Sun

That prompted the Vikings to release McKinnie last summer after there were reports that he was over 400 pounds.

“I never was,” McKinnie said. “That was exaggerated by the Vikings. [The Ravens wanted me] to be able to still have that conditioning to get through that fourth quarter, still play at a high level in the fourth quarter as well."

McKinnie, now in his 11th season, reportedly showed up to the Ravens camp at 360, and has shed 10 more pounds since then.

“Once you just be consistent and keep doing it, you start feeling better and better each day every time you go out and do it,” McKinnie said. “Add in the healthy meals and stuff, it definitely makes it a lot better because you’re putting good fuel into your body.”

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