Rob Riggle to replace Frank Caliendo on Fox NFL pregame show

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Comedian Rob Riggle will join Fox's NFL Sunday pregame show. (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)


Comedian Frank Caliendo announced earlier this month that he'd be ending his segments on Fox's NFL pregame show after nine years. His replacement: comedian and actor Rob Riggle.

FOX producer Chris Pizzi told USA Today's Michael Hiestand why Riggle got the nod:

"Nothing against Frank, we love Frank," says Fox producer Chris Pizzi. "But it's been nine years. We wanted something fresh. Rob is on the edge of becoming a huge star. We want to help him. And that helps our show too. Now, everybody just knows him as the guy in that movie."

Riggle, a former marine drill and current lieutenant colonel in the reserves, has made a career of late appearing in supporting, but unforgettable and over-the-top movie roles in Step Brothers, The Hangover and 21 Jump Street, among others.

He recently hosted the ESPYs award show.

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