By Bill Carey
August 29, 2012

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick said that his ribs are "still sore" and that in order to better protect them from further injury, he will wear a different flak jacket, reports The Philadelphia Daily News' Rich Hofmann.

Vick's new flak jacket is longer than the one he wore when he was injured against the Patriots in a preseason game, and it is made of a different material, Kevlar.

"I really can't explain what goes into the type of material," Vick told Hofmann. "I'm just trying something different - that's all I can tell you . . .

"It's Kevlar," he said, adding that it is a lighter version than the first one he tried. "I'm looking forward to it ... to give me more protection and just to see what comes out of it. It's going to be custom fitted and fitted to protect all across my sternum, across my ribs. I think it'll be a better fit."

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