By Tim Polzer
September 04, 2012

The NFLPA is reportedly investigating agent Drew Rosenhaus. (Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Drew Rosenhaus is used to seeing his name in the headlines. One of the league's highest profile agents is often reported playing contract chicken with NFL owners or defending one of his many clients. Today's Yahoo! Sports headline has sources saying the NFL Players Association is investigating Rosenhaus and a possibly unethical -- and illegal -- relationship with a former financial adviser.

Yahoo! Sports' Rand Getlin and Jason Cole report:

According to multiple sources who talked to Y! Sports on the record and for background, Rosenhaus and Jeff Rubin had an unusually close business relationship that spanned upwards of seven years. That relationship might have resulted in Rosenhaus breaching the fiduciary duties all agents who are certified by the NFLPA owe to their clients. The relationship has been scrutinized in part because of a series of issues surrounding Rubin, who is at the center of a bankruptcy filing for the failed casino that cost the players as much as $43.6 million.

Rosenhaus recently "no commented" allegations that he illegally offered a handler cash and trips for his help signing Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant before the 2010 NFL Draft.

One of Rosenhaus's most memorable moments made the youtube rounds with his flurry of "Next question," replies during a press conference following Terrell Owens'  suspension from the Eagles.


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