Ex-NFL ref: Roger Goodell doesn't care about player safety

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Ex-NFL referee Jerry Markbreit said that the league doesn't care about player safety. (Robert Sullivan/Getty Images)


Ex-NFL referee Jerry Markbreit said that the league is putting the health and safety of players at risk because of replacement officials, reports USA Today.

"Commissioner Roger Goodell and (league counsel) Jeff Pash, who met with some of our negotiating guys for two days this week, accomplished nothing," Markbreit said."It's incredible they could jeopardize the safety and integrity of the league. My only conclusion is that they just don't care.''

Markbreit is the only official to work four Super Bowls and used last night's game between the New York Giants and the Carolina Panthers as an example of why he believes that the league could care less about safety.

"In last night's Giants-Panthers game, there were two players fighting on the ground and the official is standing there like an NHL referee instructed to let them fight for a couple of minutes,'' Markbreit said.